Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Coundown 9 Days

Today i went Christmas shopping, how fun well how i tell my 2 year old daughter mommy went to have a talk with Santa to make sure if you been good or naughty and tell him what you want(according to her she always good..ha ha). Do you guys remember you Christmas as kid how exited and magical was waiting on Santa all night and waking up super early, my brother and I woke up at 6am but that wasn't enough we had to wake the whole house it was pretty exiting.Always wearing our super cute PJ's my dad made sure we wore the night before so we could take pictures while opening the present my dad was a photographer so you guys know every moment had to be capture.Anyway i love the holidays i cant wait to see my baby face Christmas morning its her second one she is going to love it.

I made this bow isn't it beautiful i love it

Christmas Preparation
-Planning on Christmas Meal
-Making Hershey's Pretzels (DYI coming soon)
-Going to buy wrapping paper for presents
-and more Christmas shopping..haha