Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette Review +Look

E.L.F. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this palette a couple months ago haven't had the chance to try it but i finally did yey me!..haha, so here is my review i know there must be like a million reviews on this already and since i got it late here goes another.

Price:$10.00 in my opinion very good price for the amount of eye shadows you get

Packaging:Black Case see through so you can see all the shadows the name ELF is on top.I like the fact it has a clear top so you can see the color variations.Also has a mirror on the inside(pictures below)and two sponge tip applicator i personally don't use this but they are good sometimes depends on the person.

Product:The palette is a combination of shimmery and matte eye shadows some richer and creamier than other. Good things about the palette is having two different type of shadows since usually when you buy a palette is either matte or shimmer.The Shimmery colors are awesome so pigmented and creamy look great.The matte are very chalky and not pigmented enough easily fade away once you start blending,I found myself dipping the brush a lot of times while applying them, but you can always use a primer or wetting your brush actually made a difference.(picture below). The dark shadows like the black aren't very pigmented so i would recommend you using a different brand black.The availability isn't that good you can only get it online at or at target on holiday season. This is a limited edition palette so if you like it go ahead and rush to target or (do not go too fast though no need for accident). I remember seeing them a couple days ago might be some left.Overall is a good palette not my favorite. The matte ones are way to chalky but their also some great shimmery and metallic that i love for somebody that is used to Urban Decay and Mac or some similar i wouldn't recommend this to.


Look i came up with:

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mac Cosmetics Black Friday !

Mac Black Knight is back!

On Friday November 25,2011 the classic Black Knight Lip Stick is back for
one day only, exclusively online. So go ahead and do your research check it out.
would you dare to wear it????....i can imagine a couple of looks with this
Check out this outfits that would look great with it
The Liquor of Sorrow

Walking on air♥

I got the Rock n Roll attitude


My First Post Yey!!!!

I been procrastinating on this post forever not because of time, right now i can squeeze some blogging during my crazy day as a mom of a toddler(God who knew they could have so much energy!) just been waiting out of fear of people not liking it or criticizing my grammar.I'm not originally from united states so my first language is Spanish so excuse my mistakes My name is Genesis Marrero mom of a beautiful 2 year old named Jaselyn. I'm an aspiring make up artist lets just say i love make up since i was little just started to get interested in it again,but I'm learning along the way just like you are one day i be but for now this is enough i would like for you to join me in this journey of blogging. Here you will find tips,trick and advice on beauty at affordable prices also my daily adventure as a mom balancing faboulisity with motherhood. From a young mommy to all the fabulous moms and none mommy readers.(P.S. my daughter was throwing duckies at me while i was writing this..hahaha)