Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My First Post Yey!!!!

I been procrastinating on this post forever not because of time, right now i can squeeze some blogging during my crazy day as a mom of a toddler(God who knew they could have so much energy!) just been waiting out of fear of people not liking it or criticizing my grammar.I'm not originally from united states so my first language is Spanish so excuse my mistakes please..lol. My name is Genesis Marrero mom of a beautiful 2 year old named Jaselyn. I'm an aspiring make up artist lets just say i love make up since i was little just started to get interested in it again,but I'm learning along the way just like you are one day i be famous..lol but for now this is enough i would like for you to join me in this journey of blogging. Here you will find tips,trick and advice on beauty at affordable prices also my daily adventure as a mom balancing faboulisity with motherhood. From a young mommy to all the fabulous moms and none mommy readers.(P.S. my daughter was throwing duckies at me while i was writing this..hahaha)